Futurov: Community-owned Entertainment Aggregator, Producer & Hub of the NFT platform


The internet event gave rise to a whole new method of broadcasting; With the help of the internet, you can stream live programmed, News, Sports, show entertainment and more; any address location. It’s an approach known as “Top Communication Service” (OTT). All a subscriber needs to do is get a fidelity wireless router, equipped with a 4G or 5G network. The surfer can then access thousands of digital content online. Power companies like Netflix, Hulu, Disney + Hotstar are all examples of OTT services, where their users can access a library of recognized TV shows and movies to list a few. . Futurov (FTV) will also use the OTT method but in a decentralized way. This will be achieved by how to use the base of the company Blockchain. Futurov was developed to provide an immutable, non-profit and censorship-resistant source of news, entertainment and media through community-chosen online OTT.

What is Futurov?

It is a platform created to reward users and creators within the community through cryptocurrency. With the reach of cryptocurrencies into different sectors and parts of the planet, Futurov joins the system as a pioneer within the field of online viewing. Rewarding users and contributors, resisting censorship, and implementing cryptocurrency in its system are a number of the new features the platform has delivered to the community. To use this service, download the app and stream movies and television shows directly from any country of your choice. Easily! Users don’t got to register or provide KYC for this.
It has been decided that once they get what they shall get in their market price and buying power has been optimized, single channels, movies, TV shows and have films Historical data (Each and everybody belonged to those categories) are going to be stored on a ledger that can’t be muted and is additionally competing for the newest release also as most releases top. this may be done while giving money to people with great ideas through an ingenious reserve which will be chosen by a community vote.

Futurov isn’t just a standard watch2earn service, but also an ecosystem which will empower creators, artists, producers, etc., with various innovative features. Where all participants can contribute, collaborate, and work together to make decentralized and censorship-resistant media, television, and streaming service providers for everybody round the world.


  • NFT launchpad, Marketplace, and VR / AR showcase: Futurov allows upcoming artists to launch their NFT films and iconic brands to launch VR / AR collectibles. This will create a profitable economic system for the participants.
  • Social media & p2p review network: Futurov allows users to be able to interact and review something through the social media platform and p2p review provided.
  • Gamified definition: Futurov allows users, especially beginners, to learn about finance, politics, and crypto projects while playing games.
  • Originals: Futurov allows content creators to be able to create their content with no restrictions and funding support.
  • OTT APP: Futurov allows users to stream comfortably and safely through a live stream application designed by the Futurov team.
  • Meme station: Futurov allows users to enjoy endless memes through a channel that is live 24/7.
  • The Diamond Hands Annual Awards: Futurov allows content creators, producers, and various other stakeholders to compete in the annual awards that Futurov is planning to hold.

FTV Token

Name Of Token: Futurov Token

Ticker: FTV

Address: 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77

Initial Supply: 8,000,000,000

Final Supply: 1,000,000,000

Futurov Tokenomics

51% of all revenue generated through all business ops including but not limited to non-intrusive ads, NFT sales, and Originals will be used to buy back and burn (FTV) until we reach the 1,000,000,000 supply goal. After which the burning will stop and the rewards will increase. Of the remaining 49%:

FTV Token Sales

Step 1) Send BNB from a decentralized wallet such as metamask or trust to the smart contractBNB address

Public Sale: 0x9f7d125f608E88b03a270E2532C6fF118dcd5EB3

(send here)

Token: 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77

(copy and paste into add token section on the wallet)

When interacting with the contract, ensure you set gas at 5 / 299,999

Min 0.003BNB

Max 4.2BNB

Step 1) Send 0x9f7d125f608E88b03a270E2532C6fF118dcd5EB3 your desired amount of BNB

Step 2) Add FTV to your trust or metamask by pasting the below token

address into the “add custom token” tabs


When interacting with the contract, ensure you set gas at 5 / 299,999

Min 0.003BNB

Max 4.2BNB

Public Sale soft cap: 69BNB / Hard cap: 420BNB

Market cap / Price

SALE 1: $690000 / 0.00023 USD / FTV (Ended with 64 BNB raise)

SALE 2: $786600 / 0.00025 USD / FTV (LIVE)

LISTING: $969,420 MC / 0.00029 / FTV (Post Sale)


Futurov is a Community-owned Producer and Entertainment Hub of the NFT platform, allowing content creators and users to be rewarded for their efforts. .We all know that Netflix or Amazon Prime is a popular digital content delivery platform around the world. They already have millions of users with hundreds of billions in market capitalization. But so far there has not been a platform that has challenged their popularity, especially those based on blockchain technology. I believe the project will go beyond the current online viewing platforms .


Website :https://futurov.com

ELEGRAM: https://t.me/futurov
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/futurov_

Litepaper : https://futurov.com/Litepaper






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